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We offer more than 400 billboards, both digital and bulletin, in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Our primary focus is the interstate highway locations of I-15, I-80 and I-90. Our billboard selection contains many different location options that will provide you with the exposure that your campaign needs.

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Our primary coverage area ranges from Helena, Montana in the north to St. George, Utah on I-15 and from Evanston, Wyoming to Reno, Nevada on I-80.

We also offer rotary billboard options for those looking to increase exposure in a variety of areas. Billboards available in our rotary placement system are marked as such.

Please click on a highlighted state in the web mapping tool below to see exact outdoor board locations. Then click on the markers for complete sign details including which direction the board faces, dimensions, nearby mile markers, if the boards are illuminated at night, if billboards are digital and other details.

Saunders Outdoor has been offering quality billboard services for over 60 years. We own outdoor signs in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. We are known for offering competitive, reasonable rates while providing excellent customer service.