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Digital vs. Traditional Billboards: Which Is More Effective?

Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising, even in today’s digital age. While traditional media has its benefits, viewers can put down their phones, turn off their laptops and TV, unsubscribe from mailing lists, block ads and toss newspapers and magazines (yes, those still exist!). But when it comes to billboards, they’re on 24/7 and almost guaranteed to capture attention.

Billboards represent 17 percent of the two million outdoor advertising displays found throughout the U.S.—and they’re not just for major brands! Billboard design and placement can accommodate many budgets and cost per impression is lower than many traditional forms of advertising, such as print, radio and TV.

If you’re considering adding billboards to your media strategy, you may be wondering whether static or digital billboards are the way to go. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each.

Traditional Billboards

traditional billboards

Also known as bulletins or static billboards, glancing at this traditional format of outdoor advertising has become second nature to most people. Why? Billboards are designed to attract attention due to their sheer size and placement in high-traffic areas like highways, city centers event locations and near tourist attractions. There are two placement options for billboards: permanent placement, meaning your billboards stays in one location for the length of the contract; and rotary boards, which are moved to different locations every 90 days for a more expansive market reach.

Benefits of traditional billboard advertising

  • • Large 14-by-48-foot format is designed to attract attention
  • • Extensions, cutouts and vibrant colors create even greater impact
  • • Higher prospective impressions versus traditional media (3X radio, 6X magazines, 10X direct mail)
  • • Prime location placement along major highways such as I-15, I-80 and I-90 in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and Montana

Digital Billboards

digital billboards

According to a Nielsen report, 65 percent of people who saw a digital billboard engaged in at least one action, such visiting a website or storefront or browsing the company’s social media channels. It’s no wonder digital billboards are one of the most sought-after forms of outdoor advertising. Saunders Outdoor Advertising’s digital billboards feature high-quality, LED displays and rotate through seven advertisers at any given time. Each image is on the screen for six to eight seconds and can be programmed to run during a specific day or time.

Benefits of digital billboard advertising

  • • Traditional outdoor advertising with the flexibility of an online electronic ad gives greater impact
  • • LED-display technology creates crystal clear, vibrant images
  • • Prime location placement and ease of rotating messages
  • • Budget-friendly

By bridging the gap between consumers and brands, billboard advertising is a powerful marketing tool. Billboards reach entire demographics, provide repeated maximum exposure and tend to increase traffic both online and in person. Saunders Outdoor Advertising offers more than 400 billboard placements throughout the western United States in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Exceptional quality, timely installation and prime highway locations provide advertisers with opportunities to reach their target audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us today to learn more about our many affordable billboard locations available for your outdoor advertising.