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Bulletins, or traditional billboards, are one of the largest outdoor advertising options offering high impact in heavily trafficked areas like highways, expressways and major arteries. Our billboard selection contains bulletins in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Nevada along major highways such as I-15, I-80 and I-90. Billboard locations are chosen for maximum impact and visibility, offering you the best return for your advertising dollar.

Saunders owns over 400 billboard displays and the land holdings on which they sit. All of Saunders' standard billboards also offer illumination at dark.

Our standard billboards can accommodate custom design additions like extensions and other embellishments. Bulletins are available on a contract basis. A normal contract runs for 12 months; shorter contracts may be available based on inventory.

Permanent Versus Rotary Boards

Saunders offers both permanent and rotary billboard solutions. All signs are 14' x 48'.

Permanent placement means that your advertisement will stay at the contracted site throughout the length of your agreement. This offers the opportunity for longevity and maximal impact in a single area.

A rotary placement means that your advertisement will be moved to different locations in your market at fixed intervals (every 90 days) for more market penetration. This offers the opportunity to reach a wider variety of potential customers.

Please contact us at 801.621.2350 to discuss all your options and board availability.