Saunders Outdoor Advertising Inc.

About Us

About Saunders Outdoor Advertising

Saunders Outdoor Advertising is a family-owned company doing business since 1954. With more than 225 outdoor signs (billboard advertising) throughout Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, we provide our customers with a variety of highly-visible, cost-effective locations. Our signs are strategically located along major interstates and highways, including I-15, I-80, I-90 and other major arteries. Our commitment has always been, and remains, to provide an exceptional experience, attentive service and timely installation for the advertiser, at a reasonable price—and when we say, “reasonable price,” we mean it. Saunders billboards are the best value in the industry.  

So, you may now be asking yourself how we provide the best outdoor advertising value within the states and communities that we serve? Well, as it happens, we own the land, structures, buildings and equipment upon which 45 percent of our ad structures are located. Due to this strategic competitive advantage, we are free of debt, allowing us to focus on providing an unbeatable value to our advertising customers.

We understand that in today’s fast-paced, digital world it takes stunning visuals to capture attention. This is why we also provide outstanding, creative ad design work. Our team of design professionals work closely with our advertisers to ensure their ads are well-designed and effectively messaged for optimal results.

We are trusted by brands both large and small to help them raise awareness and attract future customers. We help our advertisers to gain lead prospects through strategically placed outdoor signs, effective messaging and striking design. When it comes to productive billboard advertising, look no further than Saunders Outdoor Advertising.


Our History


We began in 1954 as Screen Craft, a screen process printing company started by brothers Lynn and Richard Saunders. Specializing in pressure sensitive logos and truck markings, our company also found a market in printing markings for missile parts. During the 1960s, Screen Craft even printed the logos for the Minuteman missiles, now on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.      

In time, our company began printing eight-sheet posters for a local outdoor advertising company. We would even help to procure locations and customers for this company to increase the market and drive the need for even more printing. After realizing that the installation of outdoor sign structures was the only differentiator between itself and this client, the owners decided to enter the outdoor advertising market. Thus, Screen Craft Outdoor Advertising was born.

In 1973, under the threat of the Highway Beautification Act (an attempt to limit billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising), the company sold most of its advertising structures to Galaxy Outdoor. After three years of working for Galaxy Outdoor, the Saunders brothers decided to leave and rebuild a new company. As this new company would focus solely on outdoor billboard advertising, the brothers chose the name Saunders Outdoor Advertising. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.