Saunders Outdoor Advertising Inc.

About Us


Saunders Outdoor Advertising is a Family owned billboard advertising company with over 225 signs located in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. We are known for offering competitive rates, excellent customer service, creative design work, and effective locations.

Saunders Outdoor originally began as a screen process printing company in 1954 then doing business as Screen Craft. The company specialized in pressure sensitive logos and truck markings. During the 1960's Screen Craft actually printed the logos for the Minute Man Missiles now displayed in the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. Screen Craft eventually evolved into an outdoor sign company and eventually Changed it's name to Saunders Outdoor Advertising.

Three brothers Lynn Saunders, Richard Saunders and Lyle Saunders Started Operating strictly as an Outdoor Advertising Company in 1978 and grew the business throughout the Inter mountain West. Today Four of the original owner's sons (Gary, Rob, Ryan and Weston Saunders) operate the business.

The company continues to build upon it's heritage to provide new opportunities for their clients. Saunders remains free of debt, owns all of their structures, buildings, equipment and land holdings, enabling them to provide stability and confidence to the businesses they serve.